Bae Candle™

The Story

Bae Candle, began its journey February 2020. Bae Candle was inspired by the burning love of candles, the desire to create a lifestyle we could share with our family & friends, and a recognition that we have to be the change we want to see in the world.


We have all experienced someone or something that arouses our spirit for life.  Bae Candle™ was born to perpetuate this feeling, as you navigate your special journey in life. Bae is a term of endearment and love.

Bae Candles™ Mission

Our mission: support disenfranchised communities, bridge the gap between all demographics in society, and be a beacon of love – one person, one candle, and one community at a time. Our community is very important to us, therefore; part of our earnings we raise go toward foundations for children.  Also, the goal for our products and the manufacturing there of is to be as eco-friendly as possible. As we continue to grow we will take steps to transition our products to be more sustainable.

Our Candle

Every candle is handcrafted with love, time, and precision, like Grandma cooking a pot of homemade Gumbo.  We have spent countless hours testing, experimenting, and developing our craft to share our candles with you. Bae Candle™ scented candles are a combination of coconut and soy wax, combined with a crackling-ecofriendly-manmade wooden wick that creates a well scented, slow burning, highly aromatic experience.  All aromas are selected with consumer in mind.

Our Shop

Currently, our products are sold through our website , Coconut Barrel (located in St. Augustine, FL) and in neighboring Jacksonville, FL farmer's markets.

“It’s not always how you start but how you finish.”